Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My little baker

So I am not a cake person at all. I really don't like cake very much, I am an ice cream kind of girl. But I thought it would be fun for Tiff to help make a cake for my birthday tomorrow. She has become very aware that her birthday is coming up and is very excited. She knows all the birthdays between now and hers and counts them down as they pass.
She was super excited to help "cook"
She was super careful as she poured in the oil
"I'm a good mixer mom!"
Tiffany doesn't eat cake or chocolate but she saw the cake mix powder on the counter and thought it was sugar so she wanted some of that! And surprise...she liked it!
Then she stuck her finger in the batter and....
actually tasted it!
I told her to lick the spoon...So she did! Not quite what I meant.
She couldn't wait for it to come out of the oven. I told her she had to wait for the beep beep of the oven. She was sooooo excited when it was done she wanted to finish "making" the cake.

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