Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Carnival and Bapa's 75th bday party!

Today was a great day! First we went to the Easter carnival at Trilogy (Dad & MaryJanes community) Then we went over to Pat's for Dads bday party. Tiffany was grumpy at first but ended up having a great time!

She had fun playing all the games

She tried hard to hula hoop!

Brandon and baby Ty coloring

Jenn, Ty, & Me

Spiderman! After seeing this picture a lot of things started making sense....Tiffany has been running around saying "I'm spiderman!" and I couldn't figure out why. Now it all makes sense!!

Ooooh look at that candy!

Tiffany showing Ethan her good stuff

Happy 75th Birthday Bapa!!!
Scott and Dan

Dad I mean Bapa hid eggs for the kids that had money in them. I think by far that is Tiffanys favorite thing she got for Easter. She takes her "monies" and the fishing set that has a crab, sea horse, alligator and "hoctopus" that grandma Pat got her and puts them in her purse. They have been going everywhere with us.

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