Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! Sorry in advance for all the pictures but I can't help it! We had a great day! First we opened our gifts then we went to Mamaws and Grandpas for breakfast, then we went over to Great Grandma and Grandpas then Bapa, Nane, and aunt Terri came over for dinner. It was a great day!
The new "bicycle" from Santa
Open it please daddy!
Stocking time!
Is there anything else in here?
Ethan and Drew playing...I mean Eric playing the Leapster
Brandon and baby Ty
Not sure what we are upset about?
Baby Ty is sooo cute!
Hugs for mom
Great Grandma and Grandpa (MFG!)
Cheese with Uncle Scott!
Wouldn't be a holiday with out a family pic!
The kid loves bubble time!
Not sure what this face is about but she has been doing these kinds of faces lately.

Bapa, Nane and Tiffany
Bye Mom and Dad! I'm outta here!
When I was a kid my mom had us save one gift that we would open at night. It was fun for Tiffany to have one last gift to open!
This is how you open your last gift!
Ok just one more minute before bed!

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