Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Oh man what a day!! We had the best Halloween ever! First we went over to Bapa and Nane's house, then we went and met Heather, Emily and Martha over at the library for a little Halloween shin dig then Mam ma came over and we all went over to Uncle Eric and Aunt Jenns house for trick or treating. What a great day!

Tiffany as Dorothy!

The Dinosaur with Dorothy holding hands. Aren't they cute!

She found a "yellow" brick road!

The fam

Um mom.... there is a storm trooper guy shooting me!

Bapa with no legs!!! Tiffany won't stop talking about where Uncle Eric and Bapas legs went!

Going trick or treating!

Batman and Dorothy trick or treating!

Would you believe it if I told you that this was Tiffanys favorite part of the night? Well wouldn't it be yours if you ran into two dogs in pink tutus???

Batman wait for me!!

How you doin?

Tiffany eating some goldfish. The only thing she ate out of her bucket
So cute baby Ty!

Checkin out all the loot!
We had so much fun!! What a great Halloween!

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